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Duty Officer

Every team is required to provide a Duty Officer for every home game (Excluding Finals). For home games there will also be another Duty Officer, provided by the hosting team.
Volunteers must have completed the following:

  • Valid Blue Card which must be linked with the club.
  • Register as a Volunteer.

You must wear enclosed shoes for the game. The team manger will provide you with a high vis vest which must be worn during the game and returned to the manager once the game has finished.
Ensure you have a stopwatch. You can use the one on your mobile.

Crowd Control.

This is just to ensure that there is respect between the parents, players and officials. Most spectators are good and generally if any intervention is required the Referee will ask to speak with the Duty Official. After which you will need to speak to the relevant person.

Sin Bin.

If a player gets Sin Binned, then you need to make sure the player stays in the sin bin for the allotted time. As soon as the player leaves the field you can start the timer. When it comes close to the allotted time expiring the player may walk back to their respective bench (generally with around 30s to go) but will NOT be allowed back on the field until the full 10mins has been completed.
If a player is sin binned just before the end of the half, the player serves the remaining time in the first half then returns to the sin bin, at the start of the second half, to serve the remaining time before being allowed back on the field.