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Game Day Tips

Before, During and After the game tips. These may not be applicable for every team.

    • Manager Tasks.
      • Give Hi-vis to nominated Duty Office (Home games only).
      • Give touch flag to nominated Touch Judge.
      • Wear Hi-vis yourself.
      • Check the office Team sheet matches the App. Update the office team sheet as needed.
      • ID check with opposition Manager, using App.
    • Coaches Tasks.
      • Setup the field if you are the first team (Home games only).
      • Announce run on team and those on interchange.
      • Warm up team.
    • Manager Tasks.
      • Enter live scoring on the app, Hornets only. Opposition manager will live score theirs.
      • Additional tasks as per aggrement with the coach. May include recording stats.
    • Coaches Tasks.
      • Coach as required including interchanges.
    • Manager Tasks.
      • Complete the game sheet with the try scorers and conversions.
      • Agree the final score with the manager and sign the game sheet at the office.
      • Do NOT finalise the game on the app. This is for the hosting team office to complete.
      • Take a picture of the team sheet.
    • Coaches Tasks.
      • Announce the Man of the Match.
      • Breakdown the field if you are the last team (Home games only).