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Honours Board

Dedicated to those Founding / Foundation Members that gave their time to make this club a success. In Great Spirit and generosity, gave personal guarantees. They did so in 1986, demonstrating their belief and confidence at a time when the Club had more faith than funds.

Founding Members
John Guilfoyle Don Hurren
Foundation Members
Barry Devine Barry Larsen Keith Luck
Peter O’Brien Henry Richmond Des Fuller
Lionel McLaren Kevin Ralphs  


Life Members
1991 Barry Larsen 1999 Phil Birch 2014 Sharon Hickey
1992 Keith Luck 2001 Lenny Graham 2018 Rae Woolnough
1993 Kevin Ralphs 2005 Barry Harrison    
  Kim & Lorna Johnson 2006 Gary West    
1994 Peter O’Brien   Darryl Kirk    
1995 Henry Richmond 2007 Brian Morris    
1996 Kath Frazer 2008 Denis Haddrell    
1997 Bob Frazer   Heather Kirk    
1998 Terry McGlone 2012 Graham Pechey    
  Greg Nielsen   Glenda Roberts    

2008 the Club presented Life Membership to the Foundation Members who had not received this honour before:
Don Hurren,
Barry Devine,
Des Fuller,
Lionel McLaren.