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Behaviour and adherence to the rules and NRL Code of Conduct

Hi Folks, please see latest email from the Brisbane Rugby League regarding on field behaviour.  Your club committee does not condone this kind of behaviour and encourages all parents, players, coaches and managers to familiarise themselves with the attached Code of Conduct. 

“Again this weekend the office has been swamped with complaints mainly to do with general conduct of all involved – players/team staff/ parents/supporters etc. As a game based on community values we collectively need to urgently address the situation as it is unacceptable for this poor attitude and behaviour to continue.

All club’s executive need to get the message to your team staff and in turn onto the parents/supporters of your teams please that breaches of the Code of Conduct (attached) if proven may result in team exclusion from the League.

Further there has been several complaints about teams playing ineligible (core and overaged) players in teams. Breaches of the these rules may draw a fine and loss of competition points up to and including expulsion form the League”.  Shane McNally, Manager – Rugby League Brisbane 2018-national-code-of-conduct

Club Details

Les Hughes Sporting Complex

119 Francis Road, Bray Park Qld
UBD: Map 98 H11

Club House: (07) 3881 1422
Answered on games days or training nights only