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The following information is to assist all Managers with the running / managing the team. It is the responsibilty of the Manager to inform your coach and all the team, parents and players accordingly.

For a downloadable pdf, click the following link.   Managers Info Sheet.


Coaches, Managers, LeagueSafe, First Aid, Sports Trainers, Tough Judges, Assistant coaches are all Volunteers and are to be registered accordingly and accredited for that role. All volunteers must hold a valid Blue Card, linked to the club unless volunteering for the Seniors teams only


All complaints are to be taken up with the Team Manager first. Further assistance, clarificacation or assistance can be sort from the relevant club committee member.


We need to be careful of what is posted and shared online – this is for the safety of children as well as some parents / carers. Each parent / carer needs to complete the media form.

Dress Code

Managers are to ensure that all players arrive to games in the club polo shirt. At no time should the player wear the jersey home from the game. Execptions can be made when the jersey cannot be removed for medical reasons.

Medical Issues

It is the responsibilty of each parent / carer to inform the Manager or coach of any new medical issues that may affect them playing in any way. A medical clearance from a doctor may be required.

MySideline Manager App

Each Manager will be given access to MySideline Manager. The online NRL management system. It is the Managers responsibility to ensure ALL players and ALL team staff are fully registered. Any staff or players still "pending" will NOT show in MySideline Manager and will not be eligible to play or assist on game day. It is recommended that all Managers do the following online free course.   MySideline Manager Course.

Game Day

Players and volunteers must be submitted to MySideline Manger, every week on Thursday by 7pm. Any changes to this must be completed on MySideline Manger.
During and after each game:

  • U6-U11
    • Match report must be signed at the hosting office.
    • Do NOT keep score.
  • U12 - Masters
    • Match report must be signed at the hosting office.
    • Live scoring using MySideline Manager.
    • The hosting club will finalise the score.
    • Advisable to take a picture of the game sheet in case of any disputes.
    • If the hosting club has an appointed scorer. The manager should still keep score to ensure that it is correctly recorded.

Fixtures & Changes

The club secretary will confirm each weeks matches, this is generally on Thursday. Any changes to fixtures will be communitcated to the relevant Manager & Coach. Managers are to inform the players and parents of the change.

Grounds / Fields

Keep dug-outs clean and put all rubbish in the bins provided.


All equipment provided must be signed out at the start of the season and signed when returning at the end of the season.

  • Managers folder.
  • Jerseys.
  • First Aid Kits.
  • Training gear.

Dressing Sheds

Allocated on game days by the Commitee. Ensure these are emptied and clean before your game starts.

Wet Weather and Field Closures

Teams will be advised when the Council has closed fields or a Club decision has been made to close the fields due to wet weather. It is then up to the Managers to make sure that all team members are aware of such closures accordingly.

Training Cancellations

If you decide to cancel training due to wet weather (other than field closures) or other circumstances, it is your responsibility to inform the team Manager who will inform the team members.

Players Room

Talk directly to the Sports Club Bar Manager or President in regards to availability & Booking


Team Fund

Palying in Own Age Group