Leaguesafe Officers


For GBJRL (Juniors u6-u17) please refer to the GBJRL Operations manual Section 27 –  (27.12 – 27.23) page 48. (different to the NRL on Field Policy).


For BSDRL please refer to the BSDRL Operations manual Section 13 – (13.22 – 13.25) page 24.


The major difference between GBJRL and BSDRL is that in the juniors only one  (1) leaguesafe is allowed on the field during the normal run of play whereas in the BSDRL two (2) are allowed on the field during the normal run of play. Refer to operations manuals.


The role of Leaguesafes in both Leagues is to administer water, assist with the interchange/replacement process and to convey messages – not to be an on field coach.


Leaguesafe should immediately leave the field in an onside position (running). Under no circumstances are they to remain on the field during a scrum.


Thank you for your attention to this matter.


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